Gesture Controlled Radio

Our goal was to make an kitchen Internet radio player where we could change the volume and stations without touching the player. For this project we used:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 (or 2 with a Wifi dongle)
  • Pimoroni SkyWriter (~$20US)
  • USB powered portable speaker

The Pimoroni SkyWriter supports both gesture and touch control.


To install the Pimoroni SkyWriter python libraries:

curl -sS | bash

For the internet music interface we used the mpd , Music Player Daemon, it can be installed by:

sudo apt-get install mpd mpc

The SkyWriter can be wrapped in plastic wrap and the gestures can still be picked up. For a more robust project it would probably be best to design a more waterproof enclosure.

Python Code

A few years ago we found that the mpc calls were bullet-proof, but when we did this project we found that the mpd service would often lock up  if a new internet radio station was selected (mpc next). For this reason we used external calls to adjust the volume and we restarted the mpd service when we changed radio stations

We used a gesture of up/down to adjust the volume, and a left/right to change the station.


Below is our final code:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import skywriter
import signal
import os

thevolume = 70 #starting volume
thestation = 1 #starting station

# Some internet radio stations
stations = (('','1.FM Amsterdam Trance Radio'),
            ('','Raggae Roots'),
            ('','Comedy 104'),

def setvolume(voldif):
  global thevolume
  if (thevolume + voldif >= 0) and (thevolume + voldif 0) and (direction + thestation <= len(stations))):
    thestation = thestation + direction
    os.system('mpc clear')
    os.system('sudo service mpd restart')
    os.system('mpc add ' + stations[thestation][0] )
    os.system('mpc play')
    print thestation, stations[thestation][0], stations[thestation][1]

def flick(start,finish):
  print('Got a flick!', start, finish)
  if (finish == 'north'):
  if (finish == 'south'):
  if (finish == 'west'):
  if (finish == 'east'):

# start playing the radio at defaults

signal.pause() # wait for a new gesture

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