Wearable Knapsack Project

My daughters and I did a wearable knapsack project. For this project we used:

  • An Arduino sewable module (Gemma $9)
  • a sewable switch (optional)
  • a Neopixel panel
  • some clothing snaps
  • conductive thread

Before we got started we wanted to ensure that the electronics worked so we just used some alligator clips to connect the Gemma to the Neopixel panel.


For the Arduino software you will need to load the Adafruit_NeoPixel library. For your testing I would highly recommend using the StrandTest that is one of the build in examples.

The Gemma and the switch can be sewn directly into the knapsack but the neopixel panel did not have any sew-able connectors so I soldered half of a snap to the panel and then sewed the other side in.


Once the panel snaps were sewn thenĀ  the Gemma could also sewn in.



The conductive thread can be made insulated and made more secure by using clear nail polish or super glue.

We had a number of different patterns that we cycled through. By using the sewn in button you can toggle thru some choices.

HaveĀ Fun